Baltic Amber Earrings Vintage

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  • Sweet Dragon dreams, lovely Dragon kisses, gorgeous Dragon hugs.
  • When natural light strikes blue amber on a white surface, the light passes right through, and is refracted by the white surface.
  • Amber consists of several resinous bodies that can mostly dissolve in alcohol, ether and chloroform.

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Overview: It was opinion since 1850s that rosin that became amber was produced past tree Pinites succinifer. Access lately, it has been proposed, along the evidence of Fourier-transform infrared radiation microspectroscopy (FTIR) analysis of gold and resin from living trees, that conifers of the phratry Sciadopityaceae were creditworthy. The lonesome extant interpreter of this menage is Japanese umbrella true pine, Sciadopitys verticillata.


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